Monday, December 13, 2010

Yohoo Sebastian!

My friend Juno sent me this video via Facebook...
it's called: Gay Pirates!

The thing is soooo damn catchy I have been whistling the whole day and now I share it with you and you shall go nuts like me.
Let's all sing along!! Yohoooo Sebastiaaaan!

About the topic of the song... we shall talk about it pretty soon in the comic.
How was it really for pirates? Well, mostly it depended from ship to ship and from captain to captain (some were very religious) but, let's face it: pirates were not the navy! If in the navy they caught you going yohoo with Sebastian they'd probably send you jump jump for real!
When it came to piracy, well mostly it depended on two things: hormones and privacy.
It did happen that men would jump each other and, hopefully they would not just jump cabin boys...
The thing was tolerated as long as it did not become a big deal.
It was actually more common than people think, in fact it was oh so common that nobody really cared as long as both parties agreed on the yohoo part.

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Thank you for sharing. This song is indeed quite catchy. The whole thing is SO adorable, with the whole small theater production video. Romantic kiss and wonderful ending. The lyrics are great too.

"Yoohoo Sebastian! We deserve much better than we've had!"

I want to listen to this all the time on my iPod. :)