Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second entry!!!

Oooh so many entries already.

Okay let's post them up one by one!

Juno propose the absolute hunk, Travis Fimmel, as the doctor:

And now... elianthos.... has gone picture hunting... like... for real!!!! Be warned! XDDD Prepare the bowls, lots of drooling involved!
Viggo Jonasson is Pifo!

Nicholas Rogers is Kane!

Mar Van Der Loo as Martin Steeves.

This model for Cat Wodehouse...
And this other guy here for Quoque Tu

For Foxy she found a boy with an oval face...

And she has many more links of him:
Do you want to see another one? *_* --- CLICK ----

Otherwise she proposes Mitch Baker!

For the doctor.... she proposes Mathias Lauridsen.

Do not fear there's a blond version of the man XDD
TATU... the body to be put under the above posted head...

Well, what do you know Jamie Burke finally appears in the nominations and she put him down as an alternative to Kane!

As for the Papadopulos... here the girl she proposes: Anais Pouliot!

And what do you know... with the girls she has totally gone picture shopping! Muahahaha Let's sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Brigitte Bardot.... and all of her angles offer a side to the different sisters.


Lio? (okay she is a bit old in this photo but... what a woman!!! *_*)

And I have plenty more pictures but I won't burn them all in one go... so stay tuned! :D

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Livie Lightyear said...

Travis Fimmel.. Oh my word, he's the perfect Doctor!!!