Friday, December 31, 2010

Real beauty: last entries for 2010!

elianthos is into a casting spree these days and takes her job seriously. Say hello to her new entry for Martin Steeves: French-Canadian model GABRIEL AUBRY!

So that we don't just say that the boy has only one expression: zan zan zaaaan!

She also submitted another entry for Wilson Kane: Jamie Burke.

The man with a silly grin on his face XDD

Wild with Calvin Kleiness!

Okay let's put him next to a blond girl now!

Yup, he could be a bit more manly here... but let's just compare colors! XDDDD

Reyun suggested that Andrei Andrei could be an ideal Cat.

ooh I have to say that in some pictures he really does look perfect for the part. Shall we browse them together?

Very pirate looking here!

And it also looks like the eyes could be light enough.

Our last entry for 2010!
Happy New Year everyone!!!! See you in 2011!

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