Monday, December 20, 2010

A real beauty....

Who wants to play a game and go on a treasure hunt with me? *_*
Are you good at finding pictures on the internet?

How about we organize a beauty contest.... this is what I had in mind:

Propose photos of models or actors or regular people that you think might look like the characters in the comic and we'll have a beauty pageant started.

You know I realized that I have a certain image in mind for our "friends" and when I look at the fan art I see that people perceive them in a different way. Which is very interesting. So I was wondering... mhhh... how do other see Cat, Foxy, Kane... Castalia... Pifo? What do they look like in other people's eyes?

What if we could find an image that would make us all go: aaaalright that's what she/he would look like in real life it she/he were to be an actual person. Yes, we all agree! XD

That would be cool.
I got this idea after elianthos sent me pictures of actresses whom she thought looked like the Papadopulos girls.

So here we go: let's find some good looking (or not so good looking, who cares?) flesh and bones out there that might "incarnate" our friends!
Collage would also do! Like... lips from this guy, eyes from this guy and so forth.

Submission... you can:

1) upload pictures on the Facebook fanpage home.
2) leave a message on the tagboard of the blog or reply to this post.
3) email me at dedadaniels@(takethisout)
4) submit the picture to the deviant art group in the contest folder.

This is an open contest. Let's set the deadline after March so that we can collect enough pictures and vote for them the month after.


Kitsxchan said...

I found some possible real life crew members,
please let me know what you think



Hope you like them!

Supervillain said...

lol such a fun comp!
I spent a good hour or two looking up models/famous people who I think would look the part if TPB were to be made into a film ;3

The girls ... They are suppose to be identical afterall =P so one actress for all of them!

(these were all found using google, and of course - Deda's work belongs to Deda! Just using them for comparison and similarity!)