Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year - the pirate way -

I have so much to show you today... from contests to illustrations to a photographic fan art.

So stay tuned because I am going to overwhelm you on the first day of 2011! And since we all wake up at different times, I will post different things every few hours... I am the first one to wake up probably (ah, not true... enju wakes up before me but I bet she is still asleep as she waited for the 108 bell strokes in Japan).

So shall we start with a little game? It's silly really...
I would like to leave the best wishes in the two languages this comic is written into and it would make me really happy to read greetings in your own language or dialect too, to make this page very international, because we are an international crew of pirates! (like the crew on the Alidivento).

Happy New Year - may we all sail in calm waters and may all the bad sharks end up in our tsatsiki bowl.

Felice Anno Nuovo - mi auguro che possiamo sempre navigare in acque tranquille e possano tutti gli squali cattivi finire nella nostra ciotolina di tsatsiki.

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