Friday, December 31, 2010

A new game!

I will post more pictures of a new found Cat later on today.

Right now I would like to propose a new game.

I know many of you don't have the means and the ways to play this but you can always submit written entries and I'll paste the thing toether for you.

25 Essential Expressions by *napalmnacey on deviantART

This is something Nancy Lorenz posted on Deviant Art as part of her tutorials a few years ago.
I don't know her but the exercise is fun and we propose it to our animation students too, every once in a while. They seem to have fun.

I tried to put the 25 essential expression in the pirate Balthasar (although, for some characters, some have yet to show)... can you find them?

Here is how you do it. You either copy and paste (do a screencap, don't go crazy over it) an expression on the sheet or you send me a message with your name... and a list of the expressions you found: chapter 3, page 25, panel 4 (for example) - I will copy and paste for you.
Or you try and team up with someone who has the skills and submit this as a team work.

The winner will get to pick a Kiss Meme off of Deviant Art or propose his/her own picking the favorite couple. Example: I want Cat and Callista do the 6 kiss meme: kiss on the forehead, on the back, on the lips, on the neck, on the ear, nose to nose!
I will draw it in color!

You can look for the 25 expressions in one character or in many different characters and make a 25 expression mix! Your choice.

Does it sound like fun?


Rachele Kakumei said...

Fatto! O almeno ci ho provato! ^^;;;
Devo dire che con alcune espressioni avevo l'imbarazzo della scelta, mentre per altre ho dovuto scorrere i 2 volumi più di una volta per trovarne una che si avvicinasse alla mia idea, e non credo di essere perfettamente riuscita ugualmente.. ><

Comunque, ecco qua (spero che si vedano abbastanza... ._.):

GreenLemon said...

Ok, have one done. How do I get the file to you?

GreenLemon said...

Sorry, forgot to specify - word document.

dedasaur said...

Send an email to: dedadaniels(at)