Monday, September 27, 2010

More fan art!

Elianthos! Who can stop you, now? Who's gonna stop you, now?
Nobody, I'm telling you, nobody!

In just a few days Our Lady of Smutilicious Greenness has produced:



Lio and Foxy

And our beloved quintuplet!
(work in progress still)

Be careful, my lady, Fickle is beginning to wonder where is his picture of a naked blue chameleon girl you promised!

<_3_>____l Fickle wants luv, spit!

Does she have to be blue?
Okay, so he likes blue.


Anonymous said...

Deda, DA mi odia XD. La preview di Cat è rimasta quella vecchia, a differenza di Wes. Lio&Foxy sono invisibbboli.
Li puoi pescare dal mio album Fanart su FB comunque XD. Dovrebbero essere visibili a tutti.

dedasaur said...

Ma io li vedo tutti :_:. Allora faccio che ti metto i jpegs e poi il link a DA.
Comunque pure a me non fa la preview di It-s a miracle TT__TT

Anonymous said...

Ok, mi correggo. DA odia entrambe XD.