Monday, July 19, 2010

tic tac 18! - and polls

So update is tomorrow night... are you ready?
Me... I am almost done and confident I will not overkill myself to upload at the very last minute.

So... our second poll closed and guess who won?
Westley and Cassandra! They are going on the cover of volume 2.
Why am I not surprised?

As I was saying... I am looking into the Alphonse Mucha style... she will be wearing medicinal herbs and flowers in her hair and in the back cover her holds some of the flowers in his hand (as if he is the one who put them on her head XDD). I'll show you sketches soon... I am still working on Westley's.
I am a bit unsure about the the framing but I have time to think about it...

and... yah, actually Wes and Kes will be on the cover of chapter 7 as well...
which means something happens!!! Well, something big happens to them in chapter 6 too... but chapter 7 is more important, just... don't get a cow! - what you see up there "Placing bets" that's what you'll get on chapter 7's cover. After that Kane and Castalia are coming back on chapter 8!

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