Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Locations - Alidivento

I already spoke once about the locations.
I spoke briefly about the island we started from and now we are steady on the Alidivento.
So... but what's the Alidivento like? Where are things located on the ship?

I am going to start with simple floorplans, hoping they read well enough, and will eventually explain where things are using the layout design I made for the comic.

So the Alidivento looks kinda like this:

PhotobucketWe start from the general look of the floors or decks.
You can see that some of the floors are split in two or three parts. For example our poo castle has 2 main decks. On the top one we have Kane's cabin, sick bay and Westley's quarters (that can be accessed by sick bay)
On the bottom "floor" we have mess-hall, Fox and Cat's quarters. The fact that Cat is staying directly below the doctor will generate some jokes in the future.

Pifo's quarters are located in the brigs. (which, oh, mistake in the picture lol).
What I call hallways... is in fact not empty, although I draw it empty. Usually the stuff related to the rudder goes through that area, to reach the back of the ship.

PhotobucketThe main deck then is not equally divided between the doc and the captain. The Captain gave away some space to the doctor to have a cool place for his sick bay. Now this doesn't usually happens in pirate or regular ships... it only happens here and you have to consider that Kane's ship is "modified" in order to create a comfortable and safe environment.

And now to the bottom floor of the poop castle... right below is the girls' cabin. They are granted access to it through the stairs and have to pass through the hallway. The rest of the crew sleeps prow... that is because officers and commoners cannot sleep under the same roof! XDDD

I'll go specific with the layout drawings tomorrow. Hopefully the floorplan is clear enough. I'll eventually upload a 3/4 view of this.


Rachele said...

Molto interessante... personalmente, capire come è strutturato un posto mi aiuta a leggere meglio una storia, quindi ora le cose mi sono molto più chiare! ^.^ Grazie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the map, one question though. Wouldn't it be more practical for the sickbay to be on the same level as the main deck?
The way it is now anyone but the captain has to go up a steep stair to get to the doctor.

Actually reminds me of a doctor's practice - I borrowed a wheelchair to get a colleague (broken leg and foot) into the escalator.

dedasaur said...

Sick bay does not have a very long history. Truth be told it was mostly a place were you store medicine and drugs and a medical officer has the key to it. Sometimes it was not even an actual "room" more of a pantry.

A surgeon goes and perform his duties directly below deck in the banks. Surgery could be performed everywhere... amputations of limbs could take place on deck (getting rid of blood and limbs was easier, you'd just sweep them overboard)! There were no places like an actual infirmary for many centuries.

What you see is Westley giving up some of the space of his quarters in order to be able to experiment medicine practice... his way. Which isn't very orthodox.

Consider that giving first aid to the Captain and the pilot could be a priority... a surgeon would perform anywhere but being close to the captain and the rudder could be one of the possible choice that led him to pick the upper deck as a location for his quarters. So it's not only determined by the fact that he is Kane's first mate.

In short you don't bring wounded sailors to the surgeon... the surgeon goes to them.