Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm alive!

I'm alive guys, I know I haven't posted for two days. Sorry.
I worked on sunday and went to get my Permit today so I finally have an ID here in Singapore.
Also took the students to a trip to the zoo. Now Singapore's zoo is pretty amazing but if you want to see pictures of cool lizards you should go to my personal blog.
No chameleon though and it would be nice to have a chameleon because I've actually never seen one up close (and the reptiles in Singapore you kinda see up close).

In chapter 19 Fickle will have a big part, super part, huge part... since I am writing that right now I would have liked to see one and touch it maybe - you can touch some of the reptiles in the Singapore zoo.

Anyways... Our poll about volume 2 covers is about to end but it seems like we already have our winners: Cassandra and the doctor.
Now I have to pic a style for them... this time around I was going for Alphonse Mucha, we'll see.
Of course I am talking about inspiration, not direct copy.

In these days, if you have the time, try and think about some good songs for our couples... i could have my friend Juny pick the best ones and sing them for me and make nice youtube videos.
Also if you are good at them and want to write some fan-fictions please feel free to do so, as long as you don't get the characters doing things out of character (like fighting with light sabers LOL Unless you do a comic thingy and it might be interesting) XDD. If I manage to do an extra volume - which seems pretty likely it would happen - then I could turn the best one into a comic.

Talk to you soon. I have to prepare a lecture for tomorrow about the Hero's Journey.

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Anonymous said...

A Mucha-styled cover... ARFFFF *ç* I would sell one of my kidneys for that *crazed look*

Thou shall not tempt me with fanfictions hints, woman of the butterfly top *wink wink want a photo wink wink*.
Because in the hormonal state I am now the only fanfictional stuff I could churn out are smutty LioxFoxy drabbles XD, and I wouldn't disgrace the world with such Yoshihara-ish-lite unholyness XD.