Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work in progress!

Okay guys... before I go on and ramble about layouts and floorplans using ugly drawings sketched in Photoshop (I'll make pretty ones for the volume extras, I promise) here we go again with our favorite teaser for the week.

Yeah, yeah I know you like this... su usual: don't trust my drawings! But, at least, these pictures lets you know what stage I'm at right now.

These few pages will end chapter 5.
As I said previously there will be a moment of reflection and it will involve mainly Pea, Kes and Castalia. It's from Kane's perspective, though.

There will be a final pun - I cannot leave you without comedy - and be careful to what Kane tells Castalia by the end... for it's the hook up to the next chapter. LOL

After I finished drawing this I was left pondering one thing...: how did Feetsie actually spend this first month on the Alidivento?
Well, tripping, of course...

So I will add an extra to this chapter: it's a Cat/Feetsie thing and it will be 3 pages long.

This is what I am drawing right now. Then I'll jump into clean up.

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Breed 107 said...

I know, I know I'm boring, but I yearn to read Cat/Feetsie thing ...
Deda-darling, I can't see too well the images 'cause they are a little small, but I have an idea about XD
I'm so curious 'baut what Kane will say at the end of the chapter, even though I know this little talk will make more agonizing the wait for the sixth chapter.
Oh, how I love this comics!