Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tic tac 17!

Here we go! Did you miss me? Well I was quiet because I was drawing... between meetings.
Apparently when I have free time on my hand it's okay if I do something productive... just as long as I don't log onto the internet (which seems pretty fair).

So the Pirate Balthasar is somewhat my self improvement project! And I was able to draw the next portion of chapter 5 today.
Tomorrow clean up.

Let's see what you can guess from these! XDDD

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Westley studying with his hair down :Q___ *grabby hands* is made of delicious *grabs hair, brushes it lovingly <3 *.
And, we see Pifo in the kitchen :D! And both him and Quoque seem awfully comfortable together ;). *mind is in the PMS gutter* Provided they get comfortable enough *ahem*, will they remember to wash their hands after every kitchen romp and before handling the food >>;; ? There's a certain spoiler of yours from the past that now is feeding quite the scenario, sorry.
In any case, you are a trickster, Deda XD. How can we be supposed to guess from the pics , when only the first snapshot is zoomable :P?
The third pic seems especially juicy >.< .