Saturday, July 31, 2010

All sailors sew!

I don't have much to explain about the chapter, this time, except one little thing: at one point Callista, Jules and Emilio, are sitting on the deck sewing.
All sailors sew! Eventually some of them acquired such wonderful skills to be able to even decorate canvases.
The reason sailors can sew is that sails needed to be repaired very often. The strong wind and the storm would tear them to pieces.
Now to repair a sail you need a special kit, not just a needle and a thread. As you can see, even those who go out sailing, nowadays, have their own special kit and know how to fix the sail.

Apparently Callista has found her call in life and fixing sails is something that she manages to do very well.
Now, sails are not completely white... they are off white... but still if you sit in the sun, the light reverberates and shines brightly in your face. That's why she can't see... that and because her hair covers her face.

Once again Cat is very observant and rescues her - let's call things with their names, he is almost a stalker at this point (hahahaha, but the main difference between a negative way of stalking and a guy being very considerate would be in how considerate and intrusive the guy is and how pleased the girl is by so many attentions), although he has not realized yet that she's become his constant thought.

On a silly note... I finished all of my storyboard and you might be pleased to know that The Pirate Balthasar will end on April 25th 2012... many months before the world's end and/or the arrival of the galactic Mayans XDDD (whichever way you like to see that date).
I hope you won't mind following me for so long. I can assure you it will be worth the while - I'll do my best to entertain you, always - and the journey will be the destination! :D


Rachele said...

Callista ha trovato la sua strada! XD
Comprendo appieno il discorso del riverbero della luce, una volta stavo quasi finendo accecata dalla luce del sole che batteva sulla pietra bianca usata per lastricare un'intera piazza siciliana (ero lì in vacanza da un mio amico)...
Wow! Hai completato lo storyboard! *.*
Per quanto riguarda me, ci puoi contare, ti seguirò fedelmente! ^-^v

dedasaur said...

Sì ho completato giusto stamattina e ho aggiornato il calendario. Ecco come sono venuta su con una data precisa.

Per me il riverbero accecante più atroce è stato quello dello sketchbook quando sono andata a disegnare gli animali allo zoo di Oakland! Mamma mia che sole non c'era quel giorno!