Saturday, July 24, 2010

Work in progress chapter 6

I hope you enjoyed the little exta 3 pages of sweet sweet luv between Cat and Feetsie!

Now... I even managed to make the two flash dolls for our beloved friends and am almost done drawing the next release (2 pages away... so tomorrow I'll finish up drawing and begin clean up, yah!).

Today I have to clean my house... I stepped on something last night and my floor is stained now - it's been raining like crazy in Singapore and it's supposed to be dry season, as they tell me - then I'll make a sandwich and go over to my friend's house to swim in her pool because it's very hot and I need to relax a bit. (still not very used to my bed).

To reward myself for being able to upload a flash doll on DA... special post today.

As you may notice something really cool happens to the sisters... (Wes doesn't look happy - I gues it's because he has a special relationship with hair).
And there are 2 pages missing where you see Kane yelling at Foxy...
Kane is really really upset and yells at everybody, including Cat (and somehow he yells at the doctor too but Fox will help him LOL).

You cannot really yell at the doctor, he would bite back.

Pifo will do something very Pifoesque... and that's actually something I did when I was a kid and still keep a good memory of it (cuz I was an evil pirate back then too).

In 13 pages Kane will be hated by everybody who is everybody on the ship, except Castalia - but simply because we don't know that, she is not there, we don't see her... someone should go ask her: do you hate him now?

Life works by contrast so... be prepared... from page 14 onward sweet Love kicks in.

One question.... could you really hate him, though, when he has such worried expression on his face? I wish I knew what he was thinking... for sure: it sucks to be a pirate Balthasar!
I still don't understand why these guys want to be The Pirate Balthasar sooo bad.

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