Thursday, July 22, 2010

Extra - chapter 5

There's a little update for you today... it's the 3 pages extra about Cat and Feetsie I had talked about.
So it's up on SmackJeeves for the English readers.

And for the Italian readers...

Open publication - Free publishing - More web comic

I hope you enjoys it :D

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Breed 107 said...

Thanks for the surprise! I love Cat, but I guess you already know that.
So damn cute! You know, Deda, if I were sure there would be a Cat ready to catch me every time I stumble, I'd like to have Callista's feet XD.
(I am pretty sure I've made some mistakes with verbs... why I write in English when I'm not able to do it? It's a mistery worthy of Raz de Can or Giacobbo U__U )