Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A new poll

Here we go, guys... I've decided to start a new poll, since you've picked the cover for volume 2 (and it seems obvious, at this point, that Cat and Callista will have volume 3, Lio and Foxy volume 4 and Pea and her love interest will be on volume 5)...
But I am almost done with the presentation pages for the characters, and soon I will run out of extras for the comic, so I thought: I wonder if they would like to see crazy pin up illustrations in form of fan art?

Here's what I am asking you. Would you like me to draw:

1) Feetsie as Alice with a Cheshire Cat
2) Cassandra as Pinocchio with the Cat and the Fox
3) Kane as Peter Pan and Castalia as Wendy
4) Pifo as Dorothy and the guys... going to see the Wizard of Oz
5) Lio and Foxy as Red Hot Riding Hood.
6) The girls as Little Women
7) The guys as The 4 musketeers
8) Pea and Martin as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy? (of course she would be Darcy XD)

... and I am opened to suggestions! I'll eventually get to do all of them... I just want to know... in which order you prefer to see these?

Btw the poll is set to multiple choices... that should make your choice a bit less difficult!


Breed 107 said...

I'm so indecisive! My heart tells me to choose Feetsie and Cat in Wonderland, but also Cassandra with the boys in the Pinocchio's version tempt me ... Foxy and Lio as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, too (the wolf is obviously Lio, right ? XD)... and then Pifo like Dorothy ... Peter Kane, the Pride and Prejudice's couple...
Aaaah, I'm too indecisive! Since you'll draw them all anyway, I follow my heart, go for Feetsie and Cat!

Anonymous said...

Juno here! (won't let me sign in with LJ °°; )
Definitely Pifo!

4) Pifo as Dorothy and the guys... going to see the Wizard of Oz

We've off to fee the Wifavd, de wonfevfuv Wifavd of Of *_____*