Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pea and Martin XXI

Sorry for the mess, yesterday. So many double posts.
I got a new pc in my office and I tried to post the update from here (since I needed to rush away - my bff just gave birth to a baby boy) and... let me tell you "internet explorer" has now become and insult I shall use quite often from now on and it stands for so many bad things (it's not compatible with any of the website I browse, not even facebook - but to mess up blogger... ooooh, you must be reaaaaally really... internet explorer!)

Here we go! Martin and Pea XXI! In full color.
What's their story about? It's very simple.


Pea is an event planner and Martin is in charge to organize a retirement dinner for his superior. A story meant to be, you would say, heck no!
This is the classic story of a girl who thinks she knows what she wants, she does everything to get what she wants and then realizes she needed something else. (but it's definitely not giving up her job for love).

Let's just say that, in the XXI century, Pea swoons over another man. This man introduces her to Martin because the poor man has to plan a big event and does not know where to begin.
Pea takes the matter into her hands but is not charmed by uniform nor hunkiness, besides her mind is set over the other guy. At times she is cold but sharp and her ability in multitasking is quite impressive (not to mention her wonderful taste!).

As we know Martin is the kind of guy who expresses himself honestly and directly. At first he thanks her over and over again, stating how he could never ever have done it without her and that she is very good and so he expresses his gratitude maybe a bit too much.
Pea finds this a bit annoying.

Eventually, since Martin knows the man Pea likes, he makes her notice that he is taken by somebody else... to which she replies that she will still conquer him, and why wouldn't she, she has everything a man could possibly desire: isn't she pretty, smart, elegant and witty?

Martin agrees that she does, the only thing lacking is a charming personality. This infuriates her and, set on fire, she decides to go for it (unprepared).
The first attempt to conquer the man fails miserably as she is told, bluntly, that she would be the perfect woman if only she were a little sweeter sometimes.
She goes through many different stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance... and the last one finally leads her to ask for Martin help - since he first pointed out what her problem was.

Thus begins a traning using the basic romantic midi-chlorians in Pea's blood that will turn her into a Jedi of love.... oh yea, I forgot to mention... she is a Star Wars fan.
And this is where we discover that, in her private life, Pea is quite disfunctional and dreams of a Han Solo of her own. *_* (Who doesn't?).

Martin has to deal with all of this and from here on... expect a classic romantic comedy à la French Kiss, happy ending included DURING the event. *_*


Anonymous said...

Modern Martin in a uniform is rather dashing IMO. I very much enjoy his shorter hair =D
Pea as a Star Wars fan? Really unexpected XD And once again, I absolutely love love love the storyline! If it was a fanfiction, it'll be perfect!

FarStar said...

That is... Freakin' hillarious. I want to see it, I want to see it. -happyfangirlsquee-

And she does look stunning in that picture. C:

Anonymous said...

I like this story it sounds funny