Saturday, July 16, 2011

OC contest - polls!

I hope this work... if you don't see a poll that you should see a link.
If you don't see a poll I will be able to fix the link on monday (when, I am hoping, polldaddy would become again fully functional).

I would like to remind you their stories so Pick the story too not just a good looking character (I mean it!).

Clyde and the old lady by Zoeyagent

"The old lady will take Kane away from Castalia while in the middle of a crowd in a market place (or something) thinking it's her husband because of her oldness and such (poor eyesight).... and she rambles on about the passed... "Oh I remember the time...." Kane tries to fight back from the old ladies clutches but she interrupts and babbles on and on about the old days living in her exaggerated fantasies..... When Kane finds a way out he latches some random person (Clyde) from wherever to the old lady which doesn't seem to notice....

Then Clyde will notice who is on him, and seeing that Kane did it he will say.... "DAMN YOU PIRATE BALTHAZAR", Old lady then taps him harshly in the face because of language.... then says "Honey, Language!"

This old lady would probably be about a little over half of Kane's height with squinted eyes.... and Every time she sees Castalia she will say "just one moment little boy"...... and if she sees pifo she will say "little girl"..... "

Julian by Isolde

Everyone is standing around (talking/walking/etc.) in the marketplace when one of the gang feels a tug on their clothes. That person (who is the approached person? Imagine the possibilities *wiggle eyebrows*) looks down and sees a little boy who has yet to lose his baby fat smiling shyly upwards with his hands behind his back. He then suddenly brings out flowers and says "you're pretty, will you marry me?". Sadly, due to age differences (or gender similarities), he is rejected; but he's alright because he gets a promise/orange/something to placate him and he runs off to a woman who is shouting "JULIAN!!!"

I have no clue if that name is appropriate? There's nothing extraordinary about this boy other then he is extremely cute haha. Growing up to be a heartbreaker that one. :) Again, sorry my drawing is not particularly polished, I only know how to use a pen and scanner and somehow it always end up looking strange after being scanned.... He has jet black hair btw, though I forgot to colour it in :p

Allegra by Kanako

Second child of a wealthy Sicilian family, Allegra has a strong temper. She speaks only when requested and says what she’s expected to say, but what really talks is her eyes’ expressions. She could speak calm and sweet and yet looking at you with a killing gaze.
She’s quite skinny but she had a substantial dowry, which allowed her father to marry her with the current chief of Martin Steeves. Her husband isn’t strong enough to cope with her and he ended yielding to Allegra’s will. So in the end are Allegra and her father who command in her husband’s place and send Martin after Kane (that’s because of something really old pending between Allegra’s grandfather Costanzo and Kane’s grandfather... you know, family duty XD)
About her appearance in the comic, I imagine a scene like this: Martin doing his report to his chief and Allegra standing behind her husband’s chair, commenting and advising both her husband and the captain XD And her poor husband sink into the chair XD

Katharina by Mallory

Katharina Althanasius Wolf
Height: 5’7” (Foxy’s height)
Age: 19
Hair: Dark Strawberry Blond
Eyes: Pale Blue

Katharina Wolf is a young German woman living along the Mediterranean Coast with her scientist father. Her mother has passed away and so her life is just a matter of following her father around Europe while he researches.

She’s seen in the background looking for something first. Then has a yelling fit in German looking up at the sky, “Heinrich! Raus aus dem Fenster! Sie sind ein Schmerz in meinem…” (Heinrich! Get out of the window! You are a pain in my…) Josh turns back to move to her.

“Can I help you…” She interrupts by yelling at the window again where there is a gray kitten.

“Damnit! Get down!” He blinks at her, taken a back as she starts hopping at the window. Carefully he reaches up and pulls the kitten down handing it to her. She glances at him, glares and then turns to walk away quickly. The cat meows and she turns to look down at it. “No, Heinrich, he was not THAT handsome…” She looks back flushes and then skitters away behind a building. Josh is left bewildered. Kane steps in.

“Who was that?”

“I have no idea….but I wouldn’t mind finding out.”

Dhalia by Myridd

Dahlia is a rich, highly desirable lady, at the height of fashion and a mastermind at the politics of noble houses. (Incidently, I think Pea and her would get along great!). She is however, very caring and carries around a terribly wounded heart. Probably the reason she acts so superior and prideful is to hide her inner weakness.

Anyway, I thought for the contest she would run into them in town (or on a ship if they attack a rich one or whatever.) and she would say something along the lines of "A rose should be the center of attention." Than she would huff and turn away. "However, this does have the feel of a cameo role." and than she would simply walk off. Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Hi deda, I actually changed my character drawing to a curly younger boy remember? Sry to trouble you do you mind changing it? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm pretty torn on the polls, all the stories are interesting and thought out! Haha!

dedasaur said...

I think I managed to fix the problem :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

D; and I thought I was going to win... now I am loosing

dedasaur said...

Did you enlist all your friends for the vote?
Must do so! Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I just saw the above comment, hey don't be sad I'm losing too~ LOL

Now I just want to do fan art for all the contestents cause each of their stories keeps getting funnier in my head... :/

Mallory Lynn said...

I'm sad! I was winning by four when I went to bed and now Im losing by a ton.... :(

dedasaur said...

You must enlist all your friends Mallory!

Mallory Lynn said...

:( I was but I can't keep up with thirty votes within 24

Myridd said...

I would enlist my friends to vote for me, but I am the only one of my friends who reads this comic regularly so I don't think it would be very fair...

I am losing, the most btw. But truth be told I could of organized my character's story a little bit better before submitting it. Ah well. At least Dahlia is GORGEOUS! <3

Mallory Lynn said...

I think Dahlia is my favorite of Deda's interpretations- so I agree! :)