Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fan Art and OC game end (but still extra week)

As promised today we have some fan art by elianthos.
Recently she has been inspired by Kane (and when I draw Cat and Callista she draw Cat and Callista too which I call mind-melting LOL).

As usual you can click on her nick to visit her Deviant Art page and comment under her artwork. She has a sketch version of it and a color work in progress.

She also has some other works in the making I will post them soon.

Enough of the top part... let's move to his bottom!

I am pretty sure you are also curios to see... her Potrait of Giovannino.

So click on the link and follow it to her livejournal (you'll have to click on a warning "for content" to proceed to the actual page).

Scroll down the post and you will see HIM in the flesh ^^".
Hahahahhah! The drawing are super funny I love expressions IT makes! XDDDD


But if you have any late submission, please hurry before I create the polls. Thanks! :D

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