Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fan Jewels.

You have no idea how surprised I was when I opened Facebook the other day and saw these!

Yaya (I don't know if you remember her, she is the one who did the drawing of Castalia and Ronald McDonald's) has created these beautiful pirate jewellery.

She put butterflies too!

The pendent are about 5 cm in height and reach the sternum.

She was mentioning that she could probably sell them for 15/18 euros (the materials are expensive) excluding shipping fees.

Now if you were to go to her deviant art account you would also see better, individual, pictures of every single piece!

So click on her name Yaya to go leave a comment under your favorite piece!

Oh boy, I usually don't wear necklaces... but these... I want them all!!!! *_*

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