Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank you for voting!

Thank you all for voting on the Smack Jeeves awards.
Let's see what has Deda been up to these busy busy days?

- I am trying to catch up with all the missing illustrations for Martin and Pea (coming your way is "the meaning of sleeping position" for them).
- I have drawn 25 pages into chapter 15,
- ...cleaned up all the way until page 3 of chapter 15.
- Am researching for the Lio and Foxy XXI (for the boy is a pilot).

...and when I was about to draw the cover of chapter 15 in Illustrator I realized... I was misleading the readers... Nuooooh! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the horror! O_O

Yes, I double checked my pages, 40 (5 missing, where were they?) and when I found the 5 missing pages it came to me that the cover I was sketching for chapter 15 was instead the cover for chapter 16.

Flip flip, look look... oh... there's my little note: chapter 15 cover - Pifo and Quoque!

Now I am down sketching that one and coming up with ideas is so complicated without coffee.
I shall go get another cup!

By the way... I was looking at the polls this morning... seems like it's going to be a fight between Katharina and Allegra! :D

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