Friday, July 15, 2011

Wes and Kes XXI

Here's our second illustration for the set: The Pirate Balthasar XXI century.

These are Wes and Kes in contemporary clothing. (In this case I did not use realistic clothing colors but went back to their original color scheme. I would love to see a doctor wear purple but apparently green and blue are hygienic colors!).

Of course our doctor is still a doctor and he works in a hospital. Imagine how busy his life is. Clearly he cannot do his own laundry and because Cassandra's laundry shop is right across from the hospital (and the smart girl really knows where to position her business) he drops his laundry on the way to work and pick it up on his way back.

Because he is always in a rush and lost in his thoughts Cassandra thinks the doctor is quite rude so she does not serve him with her best smile (and frankly, most of the time, the poor girl is sweating, submerged by clothes to iron and steam) so he doesn't care very much either.

Until one day, when she is grumpier than usual... she does not read a label properly and irons a shirt that is not supposed to be ironed, leaving a beautiful yellow, new halo/pattern on the doc's favorite shirt.

That's when the man comes to life the first time and shows signs of intelligence and anger. So that she says: oh, you're actually a living, thinking being...
He asks her to fix the problem and storms out. She says that she definitely can, but clearly cannot.

Clearly. There is no other option than buying him a new shirt but when she goes and sees the brand and goes to buy the item she realizes the shirt costs a looooot!
She still buys it, in tears (for she is now broke) and goes to his office to throw the shirt, victoriously, in his face (while her heart weeps for she could have bought so much food with that money) and he finds half asleep on his chair.
Triumphant, she laughs in his face: ha ha ha, I told you I could fix it?
He looks at the thing still sleepy and goes: this is not my shirt.

Apparently he customizes his cuffs. He also gets very upset because the shirt costs a lot of money and she didn't have to buy a new one, since he never paid for the original one to begin with!
So while they fight over who should pay for the new shirt another type of spark goes off and they literally jump each other.

The aftermath of the event is extremely embarrassing - although it did relieve him from his stress - there's a very long, heavy silence, until he asks: can I buy you a cup of coffee?

The next day he goes and asks her over for lunch in the hospital cafeteria. He does not show up though and Kes decides not to waste her lunch break anyway. The food is horrible but cheap and she still manages to eat everything with great appetite thinking that she should have come to the cafeteria more often and eat plenty of food. On her way out she sees him run down the hallway after a stretcher he stops, making a screeching sound... runs back towards her, claims she is exactly the person he wanted to see, lands a kiss on her lips, grins and promises he will make it up to her.

At this point the girl is puzzled as to where this is going.

Here's the lineart for you guys, in case you wanted to give the coloring a try :D


Anonymous said...

Love love love the storyline!!
I love Kes's modern look! Her hairstyle is fabulous!
The doc looks good too but I'm not too keen on the facial hair. I love the glasses on him though. Hot! XD

Roselyn said...

Well, it's lovely !
I have been reading blogs and the comic for a while, i even created a char for OC game but i couldnt manage to make it to the deadline since my scanner has been broken and the new one is not delivered yet.

So, main theme of the messege: My dad's a doctor, and some of their surgeon uniform are purple =) I know cuz i iron them ^^ So, somewhere in the world, that tiny place called Turkey/Antalya, some docs wear purple =D

FarStar said...

Geez. If the other stories are just awesome as these two.... I just might weep for the fact such comic will never see daylight, or at least finished story. In fact... I already do. ToT
The beard (and glasses too, a little) looks ridiculous on him, though. Not in bad way just... Yeah. xD And somehow, I was like "Lio expression much? xD" there for a bit. xD

dedasaur said...

I am soooo going to Turkey to see the doctors wear purple! *_*

Oh nooo so sorry about the scanner! T_T
The polls are going up tomorrow!

I wish you had messaged me sooner we could find a solution together.

Send it in anyway, when you have time, I still want to see what you had created.