Sunday, July 24, 2011

Silly me...

I haven't done this silly thing in a while...

Here are some pages from chapter 15! *_*
The penciled one are drawing from page 45 of chapter 14.

Also... can you spot the dust bunnies? Yes... my messy messy desk is populated by all sorts of dust bunnies, sigh.

Here's another silly thing I have started long ago and still have not found time to continue (I have to put resin in the neck and feet to reinforce the joints, that's what's holding me... I am lazy with resin).

This is the filling of a toy that, supposedly, should become Wilson Kane.
But the polymer clay I am using is not the best type (anyways this is just the filling, I might go get superscupley II for the exterior) and I have yet to go get the primer too.
Will I ever finish it? T_T

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