Friday, July 29, 2011

another lineart.

Today a quick note because fridays are my doom and I gotta run really fast here and there the whole day.

This is my planned design for Pea and Martin's "Too darn hot" I might change some things here and there, I'll see.

I will be tackling the big illustration (the mermaid one) over the weekend, if I am satisfied with the lineart that is... because currently I am not too happy with what I have... mhhhh...

Thanks you all for voting in the Smack Jeeves awards (and remember to recruit more crewmemebers LOL) and for voting in the OC game poll.

The graphic challenge is still open.

I am also planning on uploading the final pdf for the download section soon (trying to figure out where I put chapter 1 and 2 - else I'll have to grab them from the volume).

See you later!

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kanako91 said...

Oddio oddio oddio, Pea e Martin *çççç* Cielo, che belli <3