Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cat and Callista lineart

(I already posted this on Deviant Art and Facebook, now it's the blog's turn)

I thought I'd submit the lineart first... to see if any of you out there wants to tackle the coloring for fun!


This Illustration is part of a set that sees the characters from The Pirate Balthasar in contemporary clothing.

Here are the themes I picked:

Cat construction worker and Callista architect (here)

Westley as a doctor and Cassandra owner of a laundry (that serves the hospital)

Foxy as a formula 1 pilot and Lio as his doctor

Martin is in the Navy clearly and Pea organizes events (like fund raisers and stuff).

Pifo and Quoque have a restaurant

Kane is an art teacher and Castalia a graffiti artist


Story (why not?)

In contemporary settings Callista is a very shy but talented architect working in a big firm and she has being given her first big project to build a super eco-friendly skyscraper.

She's quite nerdy and a klutz and it's not a good combination if you get teamed up with arrogant people because she looks distracted and lives in her own little world and people take advantage of that.

So she is sent by herself to supervise the construction site and Cat is the big boss there, very strict with safety at work and stuff, and Callista always forgets to wear proper clothes and the helmet.

The first time she sees him he is standing on a beam, holding a big hammer and there's fabric behind him... but against the light, and with the strong wind, he looks like Thor.

So she drools over that for about 20 minutes (geeky girl!) even after he starts scolding her for not wearing a helmet.

Of course Callista's sister would tease her when they see the man, because he doesn't look like Thor at all. I mean, he is tall, dark and handsome... but definitely dark, unlike Thor.

Anyways in the XXI century Cat would definitely be taller but Callista might not be more extroverted...

You can continue from here if you want to! :D

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Anonymous said...

I love the storyline! If only someone could write a fanfiction on it =D