Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pea and Martin Too Darn Hot.

I have to say it: thiese two look proper even when they are doing hot stuff. LOL
He looks perplex too.
Maybe he even said his prayers before he went for it.

Anyways, have a nice weekend guys.
If you haven't voted for the Smack Jeeves awards I've heard it's going to be up until mid August so it's a call to arms we need.

Hopefully I can post something cool tomorrow as well (but I burned my had yesterday and I am trying to make the skin dry stretched, so I don't move it too much).
So for this cute couple now, I only have one more to finish the previous sets, the Adjective!
So coming up next Foxy and Lio XXI, the Mermaid or the Adjective... I will surprise you.

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