Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tic tac and fan art.

Hi guys...
In case you haven't noticed there is a group on Deviant Art for the Pirate Balthasar where I will slowly upload all the comic and the artwork related to the comic.
Some fan arts though are not made by members of DA and are sent to me via Facebook and so I have to upload them here.
It's not the case of this Deviation though, called Midnight Snack and representing Callista with a cute hat... snacking on honey!

Midnight snack by ~yayina90 on deviantART

Remember to visit yaya's page and leave her a nice message.

Now regarding our tic tac the release is undergoing proof and might come out one day earlier which is on the 17th! That is to say... tomorrow.

There are mainly two reasons:
1) I don't know how tired I would be monday night - it's the first day of school and I teach two classes on that day.
2) The content is slightly different from what stated in the calendar because what is stated on the calendar has actually turned into a special: Callista's song Reprise.

I wanted that to be more interactive but I'm afraid it cannot be done... therefore it will be made as a regular special but I don't want it to bump down the other releases and so I want to take advantage of the extra two days (tomorrow and what's left of monday) to sketch the special.
Keep the fingers crossed for me.

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