Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Hey, 400 readers? Not bad!
Q: Deda weren't you supposed to do a Calvin Klein like commercial with naked pirates for the 300 readers?

A: I was... I kinda did... that "Pirate like you've never seen them before" remember?

Q: So what are you planning to do to celebrate 400?

A: Well, first I get the release out... it's only 3 days away and it's killing me... then I was thinking about pin ups... not only have nice pin ups of the sisters... but do very cool ones for the boys!

After update... ^^"
Do I get to go to Disneyland afterwards?

In the meantime enjoy my making poor Botticelli spin in his grave and curse me from Heaven! It may be of any consolation to you, mr. Botticelli... in Italian... it sounds worst! XDDD

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