Friday, October 01, 2010

Pillow Talk Game ended.

This is it!
Now we need to pick our favoritessss.... yyyessss.

Entries so far:


1) ma ma ma ma, oh toh toh toh toh
2) Vvvvvv
3) ...
4) chu


- Perchance to dream... are you following me still?
- hmmm... all reading and no play makes Kane's treasure a dull toy
-just keep reading, 'mmkay. For this voice of yours I could rub your treasure all that you want. TOMORROWzzzz
- I'm so weak *sighs, fingercombs hair*

- *snugglerub* Are you ready yet, pumpkin?
- ... This time *I* get the feathers and the bondage. AND the honey jar.
- hihihi *smooch*

- s-so sleepy *leans on arm* s-so warm, my C-Cat...
- (wah, you're so purrrfect I want to eat you and protect you at once)

- How's the Doctor tonight? *chu*
- He has never been so fine.
- Indeed you are very fine
- Finely said by the finest lips
- Finely sealed *chuchuchuchuchu*


1) Well this is exciting. I get all worked up and you fall asleep the first chance you get.

2) Mmm so warm. She clings so tightly..gah! Can't breathe!

3) Well that was easy. Asleep like a little kitten..prrr

4) If only I could hold you closer, keep you safe from sickness and despair, always.

Ilaria (in Italian - translated by me):

Kane: “MERCUZIO:Come, sir, your passado. [They fight]...”
Castalia: *zZz*
Kane: *What, asleep already? And I who was reading about a duel! I might as well skip to my favorite part...

"Enter BALTHASAR, booted..."

Lio: Are you stuffed, pumpkin?
Foxy: Me stuffed?? After all that starvation I'll never be stuffed of you…
Lio: Then here comes the third course?
Foxy: If there's any, let's go for dessert too…

Piedi: *ronf ronf*
Cat: *What now?! The kitten is purring… oh yeah, she's the right one…*

Kes: *pchu pchu gnam*
Doc: Hey hey, what are you doing with those lips of your? I am no doughnut...
Kes:'re not but... with all the sweets fragrances coming from you you'd be a mighty awesome doughnut... *pchgnum*
Doc: *help*

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