Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fan art, fan fiction and everything else.

I am trying to work around Picasa's black outs here.
Uploading images and stuff. Sometimes this thing fails me... then I found the same image loaded tons of times.

I have to catch up with a lot of fan art! This is from elianthos (unlike DA I do not censor just cuz you see a bit of Li'l Wes down there XDD. He is nude, not naked!) she is also working on two more drawings: a Kes and Wes and a Kane and Castalia.

She also produced a nice Cat Pin Up for our friend Breed but... I am still trying to figure out if Picasa has uploaded the picture or not. (and again he is nude, not naked so you get to see his pretty behind)

I am creating extra pages for the blog these days. One will soon include Fan Fictions! The other one will, of course, host all the beautiful Fan Art you produced.

Like I was saying in our Deviant Art group: I am sorry if I don't always ask for your permission to publish this stuff. It's not that I don't want to... believe me... I simply forget!
But Attribution is something I never fail to do. Because I do believe in the Creative Commons and linking back to you to recognize your talent to me is as important as drinking water and putting salt in my food.


How's life with you guys? My first week of school was fun! You probably won't hear very much from me on monday and I'd have to perform a miracle in order to have the special page up on that date.

photo.php.jpgSingapore is currently under a cape of smoke that hides the sun from us.
It sure makes beautiful sunsets but it smells bad too.
Indonesian farmers set their fields on fire every year in october, in unison, it's like the whole Country is on fire... but lucky them, unlucky us, the wind blows the stuff this way.
Malaysia reached toxic levels a few days ago and they had to close offices and schools.
It seems like it's getting better but, let me tell you... this stuff smells bad, the air is hazy and we all have sore throats and splitting headaches. In this mess we started our first week of school and I keep drawing at the same time and I try to read a book at night and watch TV.
I think, in order to stay up... I think I drink more than 3 liters of water per day.

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