Friday, October 15, 2010

honey, I am going to bed... 6 and 7

I am not positive to have shown all the stuff that's been produced for the comic in this blog.
I think I posted all of the drawings and the fan art but I might be mistaken... so... I will go through it to see if anything is missing and make sure to make a big catching up post this weekend.

I will also update the gallery on the site:
Where I only keep the artwork and soon I shall find a way to host the comic in a non-flash manner.

Today's pin ups are... of course... can you guess? Ahahahahaha.
Both of them are still very young and growing up and will do that weird yet marvelous thing kids do... over the summer... you know... first their hands get big, then the forearm, then one day they wake up super tall and all their muscles are aching... and by the end of the third month they have turned from the I-am-not-so-sure-maybe-child-maybe-not looking thing kids usually are when they reach puberty to... teen! The teens turn into adult in a more gradual manner.

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