Monday, October 04, 2010

The Prize!

Our winner of the Foxy contest has requested for an illustration of Lio and Foxy as Angel and Demon. Somehow I did not go for comedy, this time... I wanted something seducing but artistic!
Hahahahaha. It looks like they are teleporting so... I'd say I went for Star Trekky too! Hahahahaha
It's your fault, Sheldon Cooper!

Of course they might not look like an angel and a demon right away... because they don't! LOL I admit it.

I don't go very iconic when it comes to these things because I am stuck with certain ideas I came up with while writing The Mark of Cain (which might be the project following The Pirate Balthasar - so if you are into Angels, History, Mythology and the structure of archetypes... it's an anthropological approach the History of Mankind that might interest you and surely win me an excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church! ^^")

So I kinda transferred those concept in an ideal cross over onto Lio and Foxy.
Color scheme included!

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