Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 7D - END OF CHAPTER

As promised... if you click on the title of the post it will take you to SmackJeeves to read from the first page of this release, which is Page 40!

Here are the final 6 pages to the chapter, plus a 3 pages special that's full of bullish*t - but when you'll see the bull you'll know what I am talking about! è_é Bad bull! Bad bull!
As this past week was kind of tiring and stressful - I risked to be put in the looney bin for laughing alone, sitting at my desk, in an office of 9 people... while drawing a holy cow of a flashback - and school starts tomorrow with his hectic schedule... I need to be petted and loved like poor Foxy without a Lio.
But you can be my Lio... so... you can make me happy by spreading the love for The Pirate Balthasar so that our crew can get bigger (and I will go shopping for a bigger ship too) muahahahaha. Spam it around, kidnap people, secretly embed it somewhere and board people's website muahahahahahr!

I will suspend the Pin-up series for a while because I have decided to try and upload the Cat and Feetsie special while working on the comic - if I can manage... on a daily basis would be nice... let's see what I can do! :D

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