Thursday, October 07, 2010

Honey, I am going to bed...

Seems like somebody, recently, got curious about Martin Steeves.

Since I wanted to start drawing a bunch of pin-ups for the boys and the girls... I might as well start with the guy who's considered to be the most handsome man in Europe by everyone who comes near him.

Now imagine his holy beefiness come close to you, with his 6 feet (190 cm) of charm and a perfect smile, and say: Honey, I'm going to bed... what about you?

So here's what the pin ups will be about: honey, I am going to bed... what about you?
Brace yourselves because I planned the guys already and am going to do a girl version of it too.

This theme is... meant to kill you of dehydration (with hyper salivation, hopefully... don't worry there's stuff for the guys too).

Interesting enough... this set will cover all of the characters! :D
That will cover Josh, Pea, Pifo and Callimaco too.

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