Saturday, October 23, 2010


It rained really heavily today and that kept me away from the light table today... so no special tonight.
So I decided to do the one thing I do worst: I fixed the blog.

I think you noticed the buttons up there (so the blog and the "website" are now connected) and I moved stuff around so useful things and playful things are on different sides hahahaha.

Oh yeah, new banner too.
I am also uploading the comic on the website little by little, very little by little, it's super time consuming!!!

So you can browse it with lightbox effect, just like you can browse the gallery and the character sheets! :D
Talking about the character sheets here we go with Quoque and the new presentation page for Josh - since he is coming back in the comic soon!

When? We'll, you'll see him in the next update: Ocboter 31st... hopefully I can make hahahaha! I still have to draw a lot! ^^"


Anonymous said...

I like the way you've tweaked and organized things around in the layout :D, it's easier to spot the connections to your related sites and ares of interest, and you have to scroll down less than before.
A thing that was bugging me though: do I need to add the link to the kind of CC license you chose for TPB in the artwork description? Going by the license text I should :> . Do I need to add anything else in case? Because fanart is derivative, but you gave me permission to do it... while the official license you picked doesn't ^_^;;;.

dedasaur said...

The license is "unless otherwise specified". Unlike copyright, CC license gives me complete control over the content and I decide to whom I give permission.
So... as long as I give permission all you have to do is attribution and don't make money out of it hahahahaha.