Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honey, I am going to bed... 2

We continue our cavalcade in the men pin up realm... with our favorite kitty Cat!

Now Cat is a boy with many surprises and I won't spoil this for you...
When it comes to going to bed, usually, because he runs around so much and cannot stay still... for sure he does not expect his loved one to be still awake.

So the sentence he might say would be more of a: still up? Alright, I'm coming to bed too, now...

So he is not the type to precede his loved one to bed, he is the one to follow or sneak in close to her (or should I say on top of her LOL).

1 comment:

Breed 107 said...

O_O I love this man! I really do!
I'm going to... faint XD
Thank you very much, Deda-san