Monday, October 04, 2010

I love the smell of fan art in the morning...

Yes I do, yes I do.
And I know there's another one in progress from Maria... *_*
Send me more, send me more.

So, lately, lots of fan art and not so many illustrations from Deda... TT__TT
Errr, but the calendar up there hangs over my head like the sword of Damocles!

I am preparing the special drawing for the Foxy contest winner... I did one illustration but did not like it, so I scrapped it and am currently thinking of a better composition.

In the meantime.... this is from Gaia... Gaia was getting bored somewhere and she decide to kill time and boredom sketching Kes on her cellphone!
Sketching on a cellphone? Boy, my cell... if it has a calculator in it, it's a miracle!

But... I'm telling ya, if I-pad does the jump I'm waiting for... cellphones are done for and my nightmare is over! (I hate phones!!! FFFFF die, phones dieeee!)

But so... eeer... see? The Pirate Balthasar is a healthy habit... it keeps you entertained and kills stuff for you (time, boredom, not sure if it works with roaches and mosquito but you could try and read it to them and see if they end up belly up).

TPB_Castalia_pinup. by *elianthos80 on deviantART
This week, elianthos went for a cute pin up of Castalia... oh noooo, why did she have to call it pin up? I love pin-ups... now I got ideas about sexy pin-up girls and boys! TT__TT
Why do I even drool over my own ideas?

But not this week, Deda, this week is release week! Focus, focus! Hell is breaking loose isn't it?
Yes, it is... aaaah, and it pains me!

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