Monday, October 11, 2010

more fan art from gaia.

We have more drawings from Gaia.
She sends them to me via facebook and our group is getting quite big and active. I am positive the one on DA will become pretty active too.

Gaia has a sweet side to her drawings and she drew a few Kane and Castalia picture but I think her favorite is Kes.

I also think she has a great sense of humor and you know I love it when drawings have a sense of humor... I am still waiting to see if Ronald is going jump jump with Kane XDD.

Let me translate this one for you as the girls are puzzling about the true identity of a certain Aeneas...... according to Kes it the name of the guy who sells her doughnuts. Pea, she knows he is a hero! (probably not in the Odylliad though) and Feetsie is all like: ooh, a hero, like cat!
Of course to Lio we should not mix heroes and sexy pirates! XD
Ahahaha, pretty funny, eh?

This one is self explanatory and probably Castalia got worried after the Wilson Kane contest revealed that Kane is indeed... Chopper from One Piece!

Stay tuned for more illustrations tonight... how are you liking them?
I show the guys like this when we reach 400 fans... imagine when we hit 500! XDDD

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