Monday, October 18, 2010

Chapter 7 D - Curiosities

Not many curiosities to talk about in 9 pages...
Except... that Rose is posing as Rose from Titanic for a nude - but looks like a Goya painting instead lol.

When you set a mood for comedy is tough not to laugh at love, even if it's sad.
Unchained Moolody of course spoofed a couple of movies and The Pirate Balthasar itself with the pink factor and the hand factor.

Nothing is sacred!

Castalia dressed as Christopher Columbus seems to have been quite successful... maybe that's the right outfit for her.
Hahahaha... of course if she were Columbus she would proclaim the land San Salvador in the name of God and the King (actually more of the Queen) of Spain.
Sort of a pun played on the fact that Columbus did take off from Portugal instead and its wine, Porto, is sooooo good!

Another touch of color this week... and Botticelli shows up again in Kane's vision... only this time cute, little cupid... is there with an expression that says: gotcha, sucker!
This is La Primavera. It's a gorgeous painting seen up close and from afar. It's huge and so full of details and it might not talk about Spring at all but uses metaphors to depict other things but we won't bother with this.

Stick around for a surprise.

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