Thursday, June 24, 2010

tic tac 15!

The weather is changing again, here in Singapore.
So here we go... this is how slow things are going.
Sorry... I might have to clump the two updates together, we'll see how it goes. If I finish drawing the following 9 pages by tomorrow then there will be a super duper update
on the 30th... otherwise let's see what I can do in 3 days, considering I'll spend most of my afternoon, tomorrow, at the immigration office here.

But... let's look at things from the bright side, shall we?
I introduce you my new Wacky Wacky.... tablet! Isn't she a beauty with all the little lights one and so black and shiny?

Some things still don't work the way they should - I wonder I should install the software again or I just misunderstood what brushes and toggle layers meant in the instruction... surely if one of the buttons there could help me change the size of my brush without having to use a shortcut... I'd be happy!

I wonder how much of a difference this will make, eh?


Anonymous said...

Just work leisurely ^_^.
Software/settings fiddling asides, the tablet looks so enticing and sleek *__* . The active surface looks smaller than an A4, correct?

Perchance is that Martin I'm spotting already among the sketches :D ?

dedasaur said...

yes it's smaller by a couple of inches but it's the same size as the one I had so it's not tough getting used to it.

And yes, that's Martin!

We'll see a lot of him in volume 5!