Monday, June 28, 2010

Small side contest: the Fox is naked! Dress the fox!

Hi guys, I am finally rendering and lettering the new release.
It's coming out pretty nice and thanks the to new wacom tablet it's faster too.

So I was also looking into our free stuff and realized I haven't done a paper/flash doll for our beloved Foxy... and you wanna know why?

I haven't gotten around to design another sets of clothes for him. That's where you, my friends, come in:

Please design a set of clothes for Foxy... so the poor guy doesn't get too smelly.

Things to take into consideration while drawing his clothes:
1) the colors won't change... unless you want to make a matching set with Lio.
2) his right shoulder has to be covered - because he is ashamed of his branding.
3) he likes to wear tight pants ^^"
4) he has to look a bit emo.

The clothes need to have a contemporary look to it and be "old style" at the same time.
This is one thing we can figure out together later though, if you don't mind my touching up your design for historical purposes.

Now to set the deadline for this contest... I'd say it depends on how fast you want to have the flash doll but we can leave it open until the end of July. Is it too close?
Let me know if it is and we'll push it after the Wilson Kane contest.
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

oooh, wait for Supervillian to spot this, she'll go crazy :DDDD

Tight pants, eh? Between these, the dark and the emo... I had an Hamlet getup flash XD.
Also, the iconic skull add-on would go well with pirates XD. Would you mind a skull fabric pattern ? Or just a single cutesy skull embroidering somewhere?
oooh, I'm tempted to doodle something right now .

dedasaur said...

I know I am waiting for her reaction! XDDD

Maybe a single skull embroidering is nice... I think a skull pattern is too much out of fashion... you have to think of the Arabian culture a little when considering these guys.

Anonymous said...

@Deda: ah, the Arabian roots. Indeed. Soo, could a moresque neck cut with strings go as well XD? One of my - shock! I wear other colours than green sometims XD - black tops has just that *wink wink* and I picked it because of this nod to arabian art XD.
On him it could be low cut enough to show some bits of pecs, similarly to the other guys :p.

P.S.: the verification word is 'pasto' this time. How appropriate XD