Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Poll Closed!

Hi guys! Did you miss me? You did!?! *___*/
Aaaw! You are much nicer than my own shadow (she always yells: don't stand so close to me!)

Our first poll has finally closed:

\(yay___ yay)/
I created a page where you can go and see the results of our closed polls here.

Yes, yes, I know, it actually closed a while ago but I have not been around. Where have you been, Deda? Sorry, I have been traveling, shooting a movie, scanning drawings and running around like crazy (and I still have forgotten a page back home so... the chapter will go up right on schedule but you'll see something weird in the last 3 pages ^^ - the problem shall be fixed in the following 2 days, once I get ahold of my light table again).

But let us comment the results of our polls.

Your favorite Papadopulos is..... CASSANDRA!

Ha ha ha, yes she is! Feetsie came in second and Castalia was third! (<--- hey, you are supposed to be the engine of this story! XDD)
I guess her strong and creative way of approaching things has gotten people more involved in her story. To be honest, she is the type of character to steal the scene, good thing is... this is a choral story so there is NO protagonist and if she stands out the most it's not really a problem, it's only natural, she dominates, she rules... and it's nice to see the votes spreading in such a nice way - almost in an equal way - amongst the first 3 girls.
Actually I tend to use Cassandra a lot because I like her reactions too, hahahaha. I wonder if, with time, we'll see the other girls get more votes too. What do you think? Do you like the results?

Your favorite pirate is.... WILSON KANE!

I honestly thought it would be a tough fight for the top 3 guys too... but... Kane kinda rocked! Lolz! Instead the fight was between second and third place, that is Westley and Cat. No doubts these are the 3 guys to stand out more in the story!
So Kane is such a babe and he is funny, he is sunny and happy-go-lucky with a twist! Since he is The Pirate Balthasar he is the one who needs to have more of the protagonist material in him... I didn't mean for him to be completely dominant though but I did want him to shine a bit!
I wonder if somebody else will shine more in the future... so much as to steal the first place in the polls! XD

If you are wondering if I voted... I did. My special vote went to Pifo but I have not been fair: I know what happens next and that is why I love him! XDD
As for the pirates... I voted the cook: Quoque-Tu... I was hungry and when I am hungry my stomach decides for me: vote the cook! vote the cook! Click! Hahahahaha

A little note on the calendar above... it's been updated way past July - you have to click on it to see the release dates (up to January/February 2011)... and if you click on the release itself it should show you the details of the update - meaning: there is a small summary of what the chapter will be about. ^_--/


Breed 107 said...

Mmmm, I've mixed feelings about the outcome: I'm happy 'cause Cassandra is my favorite female character (yeah, go for it Cass!), but I'm little sad for my Cat ç__ç
Oh, well, after all the third place isn't so bad so... go for it Cat, too >___<

P.S.: the pic is so funny XD

Anonymous said...

Sandra! My Sandra darlingest rulez XD. But is quite a close tie with all the four sister in my heart, really. Especially after the juicy future things you told me ;D.

About the guys, well, I'm curious to see if there will be different poll results a few months from now, as long as more and more layers are revealed :D.
My faith and lurve in the Doc is still as strong as ever XD (*cue hacking of Shirley Bassey* Finns are forever *_* ), but Kane is indeed main hero material, I'm not surprised he took firmly the first place.

Also... Quoque Tu is delicious with his hair down ;D, a cute version of Kabir Bedhi somewhow.