Friday, June 11, 2010

Fan art 4 and Wilson Kane Contest!

Check this out! While I am still thinking about my free-talk, packing, saying my goodbyes trying to decide the shade of greens to give Lio and Fox and compiling my pdf's for volume 1... I do get presents too!
Muahrahrahrahr! I'm a lucky pirate... and I get a present and a contest entrance with one stone!

Wanna seee?

Get ready..... Now look!

Ooooh how I wish it were Midnight to get a nice rendezvous with this pirate heeeeere! Shalalallllàààààààà!

I am foooo going to jump him! - says Pifo!
You know, Pifo, you make me sound like a perv... the guy up there is like... my son!
Youv, fon, not mine.. it if my adoved accuvfed boov! I fhall dvool fvom heve to etevnity!
Pat pat...

Then drool on this one it's the unmasked version!
What a good looking son I have ahr ahr ahr!

Isn't this amazing? I would totally make a t-shirt with this image and write on it: yes, I unmasked Wilson Kane! *_*

(if you are on DA remember to fave the drawings, they deserve it! *_* and leave a nice comment to the artists who always leaves me at loss with words!)

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