Thursday, June 10, 2010

polls and covers!

Hi guys,
there's a new poll for you... maybe 36 days is not enough to decide - considering volume 2 will be done November 16th - but still... maybe you have plenty of time to choose and decide who would you like to see on the cover of volume 2.

In the meantime I am trying to make this Foxy&Lio cover and I had picked for them the color green... but I am not convinced:

Your honest opinion - to me something's wrong, like there's not enough contrast - lime green, wood green or... Deda change the colors?

1 comment:

Breed 107 said...

I hope Cat forgives me, I voted for Cas & the Doc for the cover. I really like their couple's dynamic.
About Foxy and Lio, like I've already say on muppy... two is the magic number XD