Friday, June 18, 2010

work in progress

Am I behind? A bit, but I am cleaning up already!
How many pages overall? 10 pages this time and 10 pages coming up soon (cannot bump too much the releases).
Hopefully I'll get to figure out how to use a scanner soon tomorrow. Sunday I am off the whole day.
And I am getting a new wacom tablet on monday which will make my work faster from now on. But update should be up on monday and this is what you'll see! :D

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Anonymous said...

My Doc-o-Meter is going to burst, I can feel it 8D .
Please keep the the sketch on top for me >.< *_* ?
I love the framing&composition of the scene, reminds me of
1) Vermeer/Flemish art
2) one of the pivotal moments of The Witness movie 8D (they've re-broadcast it about 10 nights ago. The looks exchanged between young policeman!Harrison Ford and Amish!Kelly McGillis in a certain scene... priceless *_* )