Monday, June 07, 2010

time to work hard!

Hi guys!
I hope you enjoyed the update - even though it wasn't finished. I am cleaning up the weird looking drawings, now ^^".
I have been in school all day, today, for finals. My students were really good this year, so they all passed and made beautiful illustrations about Pinocchio.
One day I'll make one too and I'll use Cassandra as Pinocchio and, of course, Cat and Foxy as the cat and the fox (although they do have reversed roles). I wonder if Wes would like to be the Cricket! LOL

I wanted to thank all those who have already read and commented the release... you really keep me going and sometimes, when I am tired, I think: no no, they want to read it! And I keep drawing.

As you can see, since I always work ahead of myself for the illustration part, I am already drawing the cover to chapter 5 (which is the first chapter to volume 2). Actually this should have been better as the cover to chapter 4, probably, but it's funny to think that... the cover kinda continues what was left untold in chapter 4, hahahahaha.

Yes, yes, Lio will keep on torturing poor Foxy. Now I need to set up the new countdown!
Ciao! ^_X/

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