Monday, June 07, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 4 END

Release! Release day!

I'm uploading it now! It's 12:35 at my watch and the release will be completely posted on Smackjeeves at 1:49! (so you have to wait one hour - that's because it takes 5 minutes to post each page ^^").

So be back in one hour or tomorrow directly - if you're on my same time shift. You might be noticing that the last 3 pages aren't finished. Well, I am back home now so, starting tomorrow, I will clean them up, render them and change them!

You can still understand the story as it is now... just the drawings will be prettier in the end! He he he.

You'll know when I'll change them because I will post here and I'll also upload a free-talk and the back cover to close the volume on Smackjeeves.

Now I can start the countdown again. The next update will be on June 21st... directly from Singapore! (how thrilling).

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