Friday, June 04, 2010

Work in progress

Hi guys,
so I am rendering the last 6 pages.
The last 3 pages will not be rendered for this upload... I've had a little technical problem and I didn't have time to finish the clean-up so I scanned the rough drawings!
You'll get to see the sketched pages instead with the lettering and then I'll replace the files with the finished ones maybe the following two days or so.
In the meantime this is how I will open this installment... with nice color and we go back on Foxy and Calliope. They were going to sick-bay to get rid of wet clothes - did you really believe Lio would stop at a simple smooch? Wait and see! XDDD

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Anonymous said...

All hail colour page *_* with Foxy goodness. I really like Lio in the first panel as well, with that eager&encouraging air around her while going to disrobe the boy ;p.