Monday, June 28, 2010

The pirate Balthasar - Chapter 6 - Cover

How's this for a cover to chapter 6?
Colors colors... we have reds for Kane and Castalia, purples for Wes and Kes, greens for Lio and Fox, oh Pea will definitely get blues... what colors should these guys get?
I'd say... yellows... yellows would be nice.
Let's see how it goes.


Breed 107 said...

Oh my! They're so cute in this pic!
Yep, yellow is a great color, I suppose it will works just fine... and, furthermore, yellow and green (Foxy color) are a fine combination... You know,whenever I think about Cat, Foxy automatically comes to my mind too (Pinocchio docet XD)

Anonymous said...

They're so cute indeed.
Also, Callista here definitely takes care of the details. Even the hairstyle and bangs are the same XDD.
I think yellows will work fine with their colours, yes ^^.

I'm delighted at the perspective of Pea's blues... because they go well with a certain someone ;) .