Saturday, June 12, 2010

a little blabber for the day!

Very uninteresting post for the day.
I am packing so my life is a bit messy... and I haven't drawn a single page of the next chapter but I will have plenty of time on the plane to do so (and I intend on doing that). Plus at my arrival in Singapore I'll have until next monday off and I should be able to work full time on this.

in the meantime:

You can download the full volume 1 in pdf format here, to the left.

You can vote in our current poll to decide who should be on the covers of volume 2.

Don't forget the Wilson Kane contest is still on.

I will be updating the above agenda since I just finished sketching chapter 15.

End of the very uninteresting post for the day. I will be talking about the Alidivento and how things are located on the ship, very soon! :D

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